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Brooke Headshot 2.HEIC


Brooke is a passionate stylist who genuinely listens to your hair concerns and wants to help you on your hair journey.

Born and raised in Texas, she embodies that sweet southern charm. Being a Mom of two, she loves spending quality time with her family. You will catch her and her husband enjoying live music on her nights out.

Brooke is a Sassoon Certified Artist who graduated from Avenue Five in 2013. She specializes in precision cuts, barber cuts, and beard trims. She also loves creating blended balayage and gorgeous highlights. There is something for everyone in her chair.

As a passionate stylist, she enjoys developing and learning new skills, and gaining more education is essential to her so she can continue to elevate her craft and uphold excellent service!

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What Clients Say

"Brooke did a phenomenal job!! I LOVE the way my hair came out and I had the bonus of making a friend in the process. I’m thrilled with my experience and will be sharing that with my coworkers and clients at Life Time." - Karly F.
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