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Lauren D


Meet Lauren, a skilled and passionate hairstylist based in Georgetown. With her gentle and kind spirit, she takes pride in being both an artist and a connector, ensuring that every client who sits in her chair feels happy, comfortable, and confident.

Lauren's love for the beauty industry stems from her genuine fascination with learning new things that ignite her interest. She approaches her craft with dedication and a strong work ethic, always striving to achieve her goals and grow as a well-rounded hairstylist.

Born and raised in a small town in West Texas, Lauren moved to Austin after graduating high school at a young age. Eager to dive into her passion, she embraced the beauty industry wholeheartedly and embarked on her journey as a hairstylist.

Beyond her expertise in hair, Lauren is also an aspiring tattoo artist, showcasing her creative talents across different mediums. When she's not busy at the salon, you can find her indulging in outdoor activities, spending quality time with loved ones, channeling her creativity through drawing, playing the guitar, and exploring her culinary skills by trying new recipes.

To witness Lauren's artistic prowess and hairstyling expertise, you can find her work showcased on Instagram at @blazinshears. She shares her creations and connects with a broader audience through her social media presence, spreading her passion for beauty and art.

Lauren's commitment to continuous growth and her dedication to her clients make her a valued and sought-after hairstylist in Georgetown. Book an appointment with her and experience the magic she brings to every hairstyle, leaving you feeling beautiful, confident, and inspired.

Connect with Lauren today to embark on your transformative hair journey.


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